Tax Representation

 tax representation for Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board taxpayers

Experienced Tax Representation Before the IRS and FTB

Tax Problems and Resolutions

Does this sound like your situation?

  • Got a notice from the IRS, FTB, or another tax enforcement agency
  • Don’t understand the complex tax codes
  • Been putting off dealing with tax penalties or letters
  • Owe back taxes but can’t afford to pay
  • Owe thousands of dollars in unnecessary penalties and fees
  • Facing wage garnishment or tax liens, levies, or seizure of assets


Our Expertise

With over 35 years of combined tax experience, we at Action Tax have learned that controversy is a necessary evil.  This is why we pride ourselves on keeping some of the best tax representation talent in Southern California. We have the tax representation expertise, knowledge, and passion to help you win your case against the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).


The audit or examination, as it is commonly referred, is the process of reviewing the source documents or client records from which the information that is reported on the income tax return is derived. The government prides itself on relying on the notion that you, the taxpayer, do not have the information necessary to overcome an IRS audit.


In most cases the IRS is sending letters to you because they think you owe money. You have options. But it’s important to know what those options are and which are the best for you. It’s important that you know what your rights are and what procedures the IRS must follow. Most of all, never wait or hide from the IRS. The earlier you begin to deal with collections, the more rights you have!

3 Tax Representation Keys to Consider

  1. The government is hoping that taxpayers ignore their right to representation.
  2. Only an expert in taxation will know the most complex laws, regulations and procedures.
  3. Our expertise will likely be the difference between an unmanageable tax bill and sleeping soundly at night.

If you are receiving notices from the IRS or the FTB don’t wait.  Get a team of experienced professionals on your side.

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